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  • Turkish-made ​​industrial Grass

    We equip major sports stadiums and we have implemented many courts In Egypt Confirm that the Turkish-made ​​industrial turf

  • Square slabs of rubber

    We offer you rubber tiles form the box that suit all tastes and is used in sports stadiums, schools and nurseries and brilliant colors

  • Interlock rubber tiles

    This type of tile in many places, including nurseries, horse stables and garages, as well as in places surrounding swimming pools Because anti-slip and water resistant for a long time and safe for kids

  • Recycled Rubber Powder

    Rubber powder is a secondary use of resources, it can replace part of the natural rubber to make up the gap of rubber, but also reduce the rubber industry, raw material costs, and improving economic efficiency.

  • Safety Rubber Flooring

    Anti-slip solutions that can help to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries in a variety of environments.

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About us

We are working in the field of re-manufacturing of rubber powder in 2011, our company is of the first companies in its   field in Egypt

Promagic strives to recycle rubber waste in order to preserve the environment and natural resources for future generations with a continuous awareness and Our aim is for our customers to be highly competitive on a global scale.

Most of the scrap tires collected are recycled into crumb rubber, which are granules of rubber with steel and fiber removed. Crumb is then used to create a variety of products including athletic tracks, non-slip pavers, walkways playground and synthetic turf fields

Recycling will manufacture and market worldwide pavers and tiles, made from a patent protected new material that includes the use of recycled scrap tire rubber. The pavers and tiles will be an affordable alternative to the high cost of purchasing, repairing, replacing, and discarding pavers and tiles .will realize substantial savings in their pavers and tiles costs

Recycling will be established to complete research and development of revolutionary and innovative products. The first of these products is the rubber brick pavers, rubber roof tiles and rubber floor tiles, plus applications yet to be defined.