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  • Safety Rubber Flooring

    Anti-slip solutions that can help to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries in a variety of environments.

  • Recycled Tires

    The recycling of scrap tires allows for the regeneration of valuable materials such as rubber, steel and textile.

  • Crumb

    Crumb Rubber made from 100% Recycled Rubber provides a safe, resilient, non-abrasive surface. It's perfect for playgrounds, sport surfaces or any area that requires the protection, durability and flexibility of crumb rubber

  • Square slabs of rubber

    We offer you rubber tiles form the box that suit all tastes and is used in sports stadiums, schools and nurseries and brilliant colors

  • Artificial turf

    We have artificial turf Turkish-made ​​to equip sports stadiums are also used in schools that sports stadiums and parks

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Promagic working in recycling scrap tires that evaluate concepts that could be classified as ‘out of the box’ approaches to improve and/or replace current products with ones that are safer, cleaner, more economic and more productive ones, or offer totally new products. Promagic industrial seeks to be the resource sought to help bring revolutionary products to the world


Stages of industrialization:
Phase I: rubber waste is separated and carefully remove the impurities and foreign matter
Phase II: large rubber pieces cut into small pieces by saws
Phase III: small grinding cut into rubber granules of various sizes
Phase IV: sifting and separation of particles by mechanical sieve